Third Of IKAM's Intensive Courses Continues With M. Akram Khan

30 June 2017

Methodology of Islamic Economics: The third lecture in series of intensive courses organized by IKAM continues with Muhammad Akram Khan. The course organized in partnership with the Scientific Research Associations (ILEM) will take place on July 5-6 between 09.30 and 13.00 hours.

Islam Economics has faced many challenges since its inception which have been responded through different debates at certain levels on day to day basis. The methodology, which is one of the most fundamental issues of the scientific approach, has been the most remarkable and important issue in Islamic economics since its early days. The contradiction of the assumptions and methodology of mainstream economics with the classical methodology of Islamic sciences in various forms has been a prominent topic of all methodological discussions. In the light of these afore mentioned dimensions we look forward to discussing the subject of Islamic Economics Methodology with Muhammad Akram Khan in his valuable talk on the topic.

Mr. Muhammad Akram Khan, took post-graduate degrees from Pakistan (1966) and UK (1967) and joined Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan where he rose to the position of Deputy Auditor General (1999-2002).He has published 15 books and 46 research papers on various aspects of auditing and public finance. He has published 20 books, 55 research papers and about 100 book reviews on various aspects of Islamic economics. His seminal work ‘What is Wrong with Islamic Economics: Analysing the Present State and Future Agenda’ was published by Edward Elgar (UK &USA) in 2013.

The course is scheduled for 5th and 6th July at IKAM and will comprise sessions where issues concerning Islamic Economics and its peculiarities will be discussed.

The participation in "IKAM Courses" is free of charge and participation certificate are awarded at the end of the programme.

Note: The program will be conducted in English.
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