Theme of 8th Islamic Economics Workshop Announced

01 August 2019

In a meeting held between Chairman Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) and Rector, Sakarya University, Dr. Fatih Savaşan, it was decided that IKAM's 8th Islamic Economics Workshop will be held in collaboration with Sakarya University from 3 to 5 April, 2020 in Sakarya, Turkey. The theme of next year's workshop has been specified as "Institutional Perspectives in Islamic Economics". 

It has not been so long since the famous credit crunch which emanated from few financial institutions exacerbated into a systematic risk overshadowing the whole financial structure in multiple countries. A collapse of some financial institutions hit several economies with their macroeconomic indicators plummeting one after other. The existing structure of the economic, financial and regulatory system and policy framework is therefore continuing to be questioned at the highest level of intellectual and political discourse. In this context, there has been a wide recognition of the need for proper economic and financial institutions. The question however posed at the outset is about the capability of Islamic financial institutions in bridging the gap conventional institutions have left. Academic literature is rife with classical case studies on waqf, articles about microfinance and juristic opinion about law of contracts yet what is missing is their transformation into products and institutions tailored for needs of concurrent times. Hence, the pioneers have blazed the trail, what is left is the development of modern day institutions conforming to needs of society theoretically embedded in their classical structures from Islamic history. With this aim, under patronage of IKAM, experienced academia from Islamic economics discipline would gather and offer different perspectives, critically evaluate the existing works and propose suggestions to set a common future course of action.