Prominent Islamic Economist Monzer Kahf Visits IKAM

06 January 2018

Prominent Islamic Economist, Prof. Monzer Kahf widely known for his contributions to the field of Islamic Economics & Finance for last 4 decades visited Research Center for Islamic Economics, IKAM on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

The notable guest was briefed about IKAM’s inception, its aims and objectives, its activities and the exceptional progress it has made within one year of its foundation. Kahf was greeted by Prof. Lutfi Sunar, President IKAM, followed by a meeting with IKAM’s executive board where issues of mutual interest were discussed. Participants included ILKE Secretary, Kadir Yaman, Asst. Prof. Hafsa Orhan, Ahsan Shafiq and Ozan Marashli.

The guest was apprised about IKAM and its sister organizations, and was shown the new building. This was followed by dinner where issues ranging from Turkish Politics to current state of Islamic Economics came under discussion.

About Monzer Kahf. In 20th century, some Muslim scholars devoted their lives and attempted to develop the ideas Islamic economics and financial systems. Dr. Monzer Kahf is one of them. He is known as an eminent economist, counselor, lecturer and expert of Islamic Shariah and laws.
He was born on 1940 at Damascus, the capital city of Syria and completed his primary and secondary education from the educational institute of Damascus and took a Bachelor degree (B.A in commerce) from the University of Damascus on June in 1962 .at the same time he was awarded by the president of Syria for his outstanding performance. In 1967, he achieved ‘High Diploma in social and economic planning’ from the United Nations institute of planning, Syria. This scholar attained his Ph.D in Economics (Major currency Development and Economy) on March 1975 from the University of Utah, Salt lake city, Utah. He has also Strong training and knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Islamic Studies.

After completion his graduation, he taught economics (1971 – 1975) in university of Utah as a teaching assistant. He worked as the Director of Finance in Islamic Society of North America (1975 – 1981) and the Manager of National Zakah Fund and Islamic Cooperative Fund for Muslims in North America, (1975- 1981). He was the Research Economist (1985 – 1999), Head of Research Division (1989 – 1991) and the Senior Research Economist (1995 – 1999) of Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and showed his stupendous performance in preparing research plans, evaluating research works, organizing seminars on Islamic economics, banking and finance, writing original research papers , generating ideas for research projects ,coordinating with other departments, and networking with other research organizations. He joined in the Yarmouk University, Jordan, as the Professor of Islamic Economics and Banking in the graduate program and taught Islamic economics for two years (2004-2005). He is a Certified Public Accountant in Syria since 1968.

Dr. Kahf visited many countries including USA, Canada, and the countries of the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean, South East Asia and Africa for the purpose of lecture in seminar, conference and as a consultant for financial institutions and delivered his lectures on Islamic Financial laws and regulations, Islamic economics and banking, Awqaf, Islamic Trusts, Islamic estate planning, charities in the Islamic Religion (Zakah), Friday Sermons in mosques and Islamic centers, etc. He is also the Speaker in two programs of Live Fatwa and Live Dialogue in special sessions on Islamic banking, finance, Zakah and Awqaf.

Dr.Kahf has authored 28 books and booklets in English and Arabic on Islamic banking and finance, Islamic economics, Zakah, Awqaf. Some of his books have been translated to Indonesian, Turkish and Korean languages. Some of his famous books include ‘Instruments of Meeting Budget Deficit in Islamic Economics, The Islamic Economy: Analytical Study of the Functioning of the Islamic Economic System, Economics of Zakah, The Islamic Economy: Analytical Study of the Functioning of the Islamic Economic System, International Economic Relations From Islamic Perspective, The Islamic Economy: Analytical Study of the Functioning of the Islamic Economic System and so more. He has written more than 100 articles, in English and Arabic, on Islamic economics, Islamic public and private finance, Islamic banking, Zakah, Awqaf, including entries for the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World.

Dr. Kahf was awarded by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and selected for IDB prize for his brilliant contributions in Islamic Economics, 2001. Dr. Monzer Kahf is a citizen of USA and is based at Westminster, California with his family. Currently he is a professor of Islamic Economics and Finance at Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar.