Monzer Kahf Speaks On Theory Of Islamic Economics: A New Approach

26 December 2016

The second presentation of the IKAM Conferences series was held on Saturday, December 24, at the ILKE Association, by one of the leading names in Islamic Economics. Monzer Kahf with his lecture entitled "The Theory of Islamic Economy in a New Perspective".

In addition to the fundamental issues, the systematic debates and their relation with mainstream economics were discussed by Monzer Kahf in context of his topic "New Perspective on the Theory of Islamic Economy".

Who is Monzer Kahf?
Born in Damascus in 1940, Kahf completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Damascus and his doctorate at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, US) in Economics. Having a strong Islamic and Fiqh education also, Kahf, In addition to teaching at universities, has also worked as a education researcher, manager and consultant in various research centers and financial institutions such as the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Kahf contributed to the opening of Islamic finance and banking, Islamic law and zakat institutions in Saudi Arabia, Syria, America, Canada, Nigeria and many other countries. He developed modules on Islamic banking and finance in these regions. Kahf, who continues to work freely in California and teaches Islamic Economics at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, has works and books on Zakat, Foundations, Islamic Finance and Banking, and other areas of Islamic economics.