İLKE, Establishes Research Centre For Islamic Economics (IKAM)

01 December 2016

ILKE sets up the Research Centre for Islamic Economics (IKAM) to continue the research in Islamic Economics on a wider framework and to lay the groundwork for long-term work.

The Islamic Economy Workshops organized by İLKE, İLEM and İGİAD for five years became more powerful and effective together with establishment of IKAM where a series of other activities are planned to be conducted.

IKAM is committed to creating a system that respects people, with a sophisticated approach in the "Islamic economy", with the aim of encouraging the production of competent ideas and theories and laying the groundwork for new work.

In this context; IKAM's inaugural meeting will take place at 6 pm at Kiz Kulesi Hall, Uskudar at a conference entitled "The Future of the Islamic Economy" by Sabri Orman, Member of Parliament of the Republic of Turkey on Saturday, December 10, 2016.