IKAM’s Annual Report 2017 Is Out

26 February 2018

Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) spent a busy year full of academic and training programs, intensive lectures, workshops, international visits and a bumper haul of publications including books from Iktisat publications, issues of TUJISE journal and Research and Country Reports. IKAM with its inception just an year ago, has expanded its research and publication activities internationally in pursuit of its aim of carrying out extensive research to lay foundations for an alternative economic system. The 2017 activity report detailing activities held at IKAM is out.

The year started with 5th Islamic Economics Workshop that was held in Sakarya between 1 and 2 April, 2017. The theme of this workshop was “Interest from Islamic Perspective”. 11 leading academicians from 6 different countries presented their work and over 100 academicians from within Turkey attended its different sessions.

A workshop was held for development of graduate curriculum of Islamic Economics & Finance programs. This was followed by a workshop to discuss the Islamic Economics and Finance Education in a full day intensive program that was attended by international participants from ICIFE Malaysia. The third workshop was held in Istanbul University in cooperation with ISIFAM to discuss the perception of Islamic Economics in general public.

A range of intensive lectures was organized for postgraduate students to help them develop their knowledge and skills related to Islamic Economic and Finance.
Intensive courses, each spread over two days were held under supervision of experts from the field. This year these intensive courses were undertaken by Dr. Necmettin Kizilkaya from Istanbul University, Dr. Toseef Azid from Qassim University K.S.A and Akram Khan, a famous Islamic Economist who hails from Pakistan.

IKAM Bibliography project was launched this year and is heading towards its completion. Our publication house published 13 books. Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics (TUJISE) was taken over by IKAM and its new issue was published. Research and Country reports related to GCC Countries, Sudan and Indonesia were published.

Other activities included conferences presided by famous academicians including Erif Ersoy and Temel Hazirouglu, young researchers gatherings at IKAM headquarters and Darica and Economic dialogues with Prof. Hakan Saribas which were spread over 3 months.

Towards the end IKAM’s representatives visited different organization and institutions related to Islamic Economics and Finance both in Turkey and abroad. Besides TKBB and Albaraka Turk in Turkey, IKAM’s team visited different organizations in Malaysia and Pakistan.

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