IKAM Team Visits Malaysia

13 September 2017

A three member IKAM & ILKE Team visited Malaysia during 8th and 12th September 2017. The team visited important organizations, institutions and university departments associated with Islamic Economics and Finance in Malaysia. These included organizations namely ICIFE, INCEIF, ISRA, Tabung Haji, IFSB, and FAA, and KENMS department at IIUM.

During the first day of IKAM and ILKE Team's visit to Malaysia, a dinner was hosted by ICIFE (International Council of Islamic Finance Educators)in their honour. The team which comprised President IKAM Lutfi Sunar, Chairman ILKE Board of Trustees, Davut Şanver and Member ILKE Board of Trustees,Nihat Erdoğmuş, exchanged ideas about working of both IKAM and ICIFE and potential for future cooperation between them.

In a meeting later between IKAM & ICIFE on 11th Sept. 2017, attended by heads from both organizations, discussion for potential of joint research and projects took place in a conducive environment.

The team later visited INCEIF and ISRA (International Shari'ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance) where they met the organization President and Chief Researcher and discussed avenues of future collaboration with them.

IKAM & ILKE members had an interesting and informative visits at Tabung Haji where they were briefed about the organization's services as Hajj services provider and Islamic fund manager.

On the last day of their visit, IKAM team discussed future potential collaboration with IFSB (The Islamic Financial Services Board) & FAA (Financial Accreditation Agency) during talks held at their headquarters. Constructive discussion took place while ideas were exchanged and need for continuity of similar visits between organisations sharing common objectives was reiterated.