IKAM Holds Foundations of Islamic Economics Course in Adana

16 November 2019

Foundations of Islamic Economics Course was organized by IKAM to make the basics concepts of the subject comprehensible for every researcher and prospective researcher who has started or is considering to start working in the field of Islamic economics. 

Under the aim of imparting basic education of Islamic Economics, İKAM, in cooperation with the East-West Science and Arts Association, conducted a two-day Islamic Economics Basic Training Program on 16-17 November 2019 in Adana. The aim of the program was to clarify the concepts related to Islamic economics in the minds of the potential researchers, and teach them the basic principles and components of a viable economic system. The audience was also acquainted with basics of jurisprudence of Islamic economics. 

Students showed great interest in differents sessions of the program. Faculty members and Resaearchers from IKAM presented on different topics including Cem Korkut on "Emergence and Development of Islamic Economy", Ozan Maraşlı on "Methodology of Islamic Economy", Taha Egri on "Islamic Economy in the Face of Current Economic Problems", Haşim Akça on "Basic Principles of Islamic Economy", Hadin Öner on "Introduction to Participation Banking", Hakan Sarıbaş on "Basic Components of the Islamic Economic System" and Batuhan Akartepe on "The Fundamentals of Islamic Economics". 

Students who attended the program were satisfied with the trainings and wanted İKAM to continue such activities. At the end of the course, all participants were given certificates. At the end of the program, Mustafa Cevher, chairman of the East-West Science Art Association handed out certificates to the participants.