Bumper Offer From Iktisat Publications

05 June 2018

Great Offer from the Iktisat Publications! Get 25 latest titles only for 400 TL, a 275 TL discount!

The customers can get a 25 book set for a discounted price of 400 TL instead of its normal price 675 TL. 18 books published up to now will be sent immediately to those who will purchase the set. The 7 upcoming titles which will be published this year will be sent free of cost.

2 latest issues of our reputed journal, Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics (TUJISE) will additionally be sent free of cost.

IKAM founded İktisat Press for publishing works on Islamic economics. The aim is to create a wide corpus of the field. We translate the main stream and contemporary studies from around the world and encourage new, edited and authored studies. This year, there’s a bumper haul of beautiful books heading your way from Iktisat Publishing – IKAM including translations of books each of which is a magnum opus in its field in English literature on Islamic Economics, its historical foundations, theoretical underpinnings and Islamic Finance.

You can find detailed information about İktisat Publications at: www.iktisatyayinlari.com

For Orders, please visit: https://www.nobelkitap.com/iktisat-yayinlarindan-25-kitaplik-set-377039....

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