Basic Education in Islamic Economics

05 May 2019

Research Center for Islamic Economics  (IKAM) organized an Basic Education Program in Islamic Economics from May 4 to May 5, 2019. The course was planned as an introductory training for the researchers working in the field of Islamic economics. The training program attracted a great deal of interest from researchers.

During the comprehensive two day program, different training session were held which included: "The Rise and Development of Islamic Economics" by Zeynep Hafsa Orhan, "The Methodology of Islamic Economics" by Ozan Maraşlı ,  "Islamic Economics in the Face of Current Economic Issues" by Taha Eğri, "The Basic Principles of Islamic Economics" by Hamdi Çilingir,"Introduction to Participation Banking" by Yusuf Dinç,  "Fundamental Components of the Islamic Economic System"by Hakan Sarıbaş and  " Fıqhi Fundamentals of Islamic Economics" by Hasan Hacak . Many local and international students from different universities participated the program.

Students who participated the program stated that they were satisfied with the training programs being held at IKAM and showed their desire for continuation of similar activities by increasing the number of activities given by IKAM.