8th Isamic Economics Workshop Will Be Held in Sakarya

27 June 2019
In a meeting held between Chairman Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) and Rector, Sakarya University, Dr. Fatih Savaşan, it was decided that IKAM's 8th Islamic Economics Workshop will be held in collaboration with Sakarya University from 3 to 5 April, 2020 in Sakarya, Turkey. In the meeting that was held on Thursday, June 27, 2019, it was also decided that the research works emanating from Research Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (ISEFAM), Sakarya University will be published by IKAM's publication house, Iktisat Publications.

Besides the regular education, research, training and development activities undertaken at IKAM, our workshops have proved to be milestones in achieving our mission of producing distinguishable policy relevant research where illustrious works have been shared by notable scholars from across the globe. IKAM till date has successfully organized seven annual workshops since its inception in 2016. The last of these was organized by IKAM in collaboration with IGIAD and ILEM under the theme “Monetary Issues in Islamic Economics”. The workshop was held at Marmara University from 5 to 7 April 2019. The workshop attracted rich audience from over 10 countries. With a similar aim, under patronage of IKAM, experienced academia from Islamic economics discipline would gather next year and offer different perspectives, critically evaluate the existing works and propose suggestions to set a common future course of action.