4th Islamic Economics Conference Will Be Held At Istanbul University

01 October 2016

The Islamic Economy Workshop IV jointly organized by İLKE Ilim Cultural Education Association (ILEM) and the Economic Enterprise and Business Ethics Association of Turkey (İGİAD) under the title "Social Justice from Islamic Economic Perspective" will be held on April 2-3, 2016..

The workshop which will be hosted by the Istanbul University’s Islamic Economics and Finance Department will primarily address the concept of social justice and related issues from the perspective of Islamic economics.

It is worth noting that while the income inequality is increasing day by day, poverty has become a worldwide problem and amidst inhuman labor conditions, inadequate salaries, social insecurity and the existence of a disadvantaged labor market many governments have failed in producing efficient policy measures to counter these issues.

The features of capitalist politics that distance it from the social justice and its characteristics of the inequality that deepen every decade and prevent economic and social prosperity from reaching wide masses have been criticized for years by many Muslim scholars. These criticisms follow the claims that only an alternative theoretical and practical economic order mapped in the Islamic principles can provide social justice. The introductory work in Islamic Economics in 1960s was featured by great focus on the issue of social justice which unfortunately deviated towards an over financialization of the Islamic Economics discipline in the later years hence a need for its re-formation exists.

In this context, Islamic Economics Workshop IV aims to carry out discussions dealing with the issues surrounding the title of social justice from the Islamic economics perspective. Thus, a collective study of how to bring together the academicians who work on all sides of the world to examine the causes of the current social and economic injustices in a realistic and profound way and how to construct the theoretical ground of Islamic principles based on principles and which alternative mechanisms to take is the main motivation behind this activity.