Media Coverage of Islamic Economics

September 2018
20 Pages

Islamic economics and finance have been attracting attention in Turkey lately as around the world so undergraduate and post graduate programs have been opened in various universities, participation banks have proliferated in the finance sector and Islamic economics and finance have started getting a role in determining short, medium and long term goals of economic policies of our government. While Islamic Economy was a shining star at politics, academics and the corporate sector, this study was conducted to investigate the perception it hold in the society. In order to understand how Islamic economics is perceived in media as one of the most important means of influencing the society, 1856 pieces of news reported by 6 national newspapers and 6 journals between January 2012 and June 2017 were scanned. How many times Islamic economics became a subject matter for news and what was its essence? Which concepts does the news covering Islamic economics refer to? What was the proportion of the news reported by conservative media and conventional media, and in which way the subject matter was handled by both? were some of the questions at the outset. Some of the answers in the study distorted presumptions and brought new questions into mind. This study points out to a change, considering that Islamic economics was designed as an alternative paradigm and is regarded as an essential part of the Islam’s comprehensive worldview in the works of pioneers of this field. It is thought-provoking that Islamic economics, which is trapped mostly in the area of Islamic finance, is not seen as an alternative system by the media institutions, either.