Uludag University Students Visited IKAM

16 February 2018

A group of students from Uludag University paid a visit to Research Center of Islamic Economics (IKAM) on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018. Most of these undergraduate students were from Islamic Economics, Econometrics, Management and International Relations disciplines.

The students were welcomed at IKAM by our representative Ahsan Shafiq, following which they were served with tea and snacks. The students were briefed about IKAM's aims, objectives and goals by the center's president, Assoc. Prof. Lütfi Sunar. He also threw light onto the wide range of activities IKAM has performed since its inception. The students showed keen interest in participating in similar future activities. Towards the end, the students were presented copies of IKAM's journal, Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics (TUJISE) and prominent books from Iktisat Publications as a gesture of goodwill.