TUJISE's New Issue Vol. 4 Issue 2 Is Out !

28 August 2017

The New Issue of Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics Vol. 4 Issue 2 is now available online. The journal is continuing its commitment to bringing together researches from all dimensions of Islamic Economics & Finance, its history, theoretical underpinnings, its relevance to Islamic Fiqh, its practicable tools and their applications. Published by IKAM, TUJISE uniquely provides a research platform to notable, experienced scholars and novice researchers of Islamic Economics, side by side.

The current issue, Vol. 4 Issue.2 contains following seven articles which represent different themes and theoretical approaches penned by distinguished names from Islamic Economics discipline.

M. Fahim Khan, Market for Lemons and Cigarettes: An Islamic Perspective on Market Failure and a Lesson for Eliminating Interest from Economy

Hichem Hamza & Khoutem Ben Jedidia, Money Time Value and Time Preference in Islamic Perspective

Md. Habib ur Rahman, Muhammad Amanullah & Mohammad Mohiuddin, Khiyar Al-Majlis (Option of Withdrawal before Parting) in Sale Contract: Contemporary Applications

Ghulam Rasool Madni, Dynamism of Islamic Financing on Economic Growth

Selim Ahmed, Rafikul Islam &bMohammad Mohiuddin, Service Quality, Shariah Compliance and Customer Satisfaction of Islamic Banking Services in Malaysia

Hakeem B. Oladapo, Saad Md Norma, Omar Mohammed Mustafa & Oziev Gapur, Cash Waqf as an Alternative Panacea to Poverty Alleviation: An Overview of Human Development in Nigeria

Ekrem Erdem, Analyzing the Gradual Revelation and Wording of Riba (Interest) Verses in the Holy Qur’an Considering the Commerce, Finance and Infaq System of Islam

TUJISE is a biannual journal which is published at Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM). IKAM has been established with an objective of conducting quality research in Islamic Economics as well as provides a platform to academicians and young scholars and assists them in their endeavours of producing competent ideas and theories as well as practicable tools in developing Islamic Economics as a separate discipline. To achieve this objective, we conduct research, organize different educational and training programs, undertake projects and hold workshops and conferences. We are privileged to have published some classical works in form of reports.

Our publishing house has translated various books on Islamic Economics besides publishing of Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics (TUJISE) which has the honour of publishing some classical works in Islamic Economics coming from pioneers of the field in its previous issues. Besides serving as a corpus for Islamic Economics scholarly works, it also serves as a platform for young scholars in Islamic Economics and Finance for publishing their works as well as relives them of any financial burden they may face elsewhere in terms of editing and publishing charges.

For questions and queries you may write to us at editor@tujise.org