Third Of IKAM's Intensive Course Was Held On 5-6th July

07 July 2017

Muhammad Akram Khan took the third place in the intensive course series organized by the Research Center for Islamic Ecoomics (IKAM) under the name "Methodology of Islamic Economics”. Muhammad Akram Khan’s Summer School Program was organized in the partnership of IKAM and ILEM.

The "Methodology of Islamic Economics" intensive course, which is the third of the intensive courses of IKAM held on 5-6 July, was realized with the participation of local / foreign students from various countries.

The subject of Methodology, which is one of the primary issues of the field of Islamic Economics, was examined in a 2-days lecture and how the field of Islamic Economy should have a methodology. In this context, Khan expressed that Islamic Economics studies could fit into the contemporary world through the re-examination and contemporary adaptation of the Qur'an and Hadith corpus and the creation of a new ijtihad. Students from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, and Bangladesh participated to the lecture. At the end of the intensive course all participants were given certificates.

Mr. Muhammad Akram Khan, took post-graduate degrees from Pakistan (1966) and UK (1967) and joined Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan where he rose to the position of Deputy Auditor General (1999-2002).He has published 15 books and 46 research papers on various aspects of auditing and public finance. He has published 20 books, 55 research papers and about 100 book reviews on various aspects of Islamic economics. His seminal work ‘What is Wrong with Islamic Economics: Analysing the Present State and Future Agenda’ was published by Edward Elgar (UK &USA) in 2013.