“Talks On Economics” With Hakan Saribas 2

31 October 2017

In the modern world where change has become a rule, as the values of individuals and institutions have transformed within the economy, the quest for a more just and moral economic world in reaction to negative tendencies has also taken ground.

Islam, with its deeply rooted background, and the economic values it envisions, also show itself as a strong voice in the search for a system of justice and morality with high potential. This ‘old-fashioned new voice’, which shows this potential throughout its history in social and cultural terms, re-emerged in late 20th century and aims to provide insights into economic life under the title of "Islamic Economy".

This course aims at enlightening the participants about the rules of Shariah in buying and selling of commodities, implementation of these rules, behavior resulting from the application of these rules and the examination of the economic effects of shariah compliant policies on political economy. To put this effort in a systematic way, every consistent piece of information is essential. The ‘system perspective’, which forms part of this system, allows the independent but related issues of Islamic economics to be handled in a holistic framework.

In this context, monthly dialogues with Dr. Hakan Saribas, an important name in field of Islamic economic studies in Turkey, will be held to evaluate Islamic economics with a system perspective in the framework of the literature that has developed since the second half of the 20th century. The activity will be organized at IKAM on last Saturday of each month.