IKAM Hosted Dr. Adeel Malik from Oxford

30 November -1

A public lecture was held at Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) on Monday, April 29, 2019. The talk entitled "Perspectives on Social Justice from the World of Islam: Some Contemporary Reflection" was delivered by senior faculty member from University of Oxford, Dr. Adeel Malik.

Dr. Malik who is a development macroeconomist by training and conducts empirical research on issues of growth, fluctuations and political economy in his lecture revisited the big ideas on social justice that have emanated from the world of Islam as well as spoke about their contemporary political and economic relevance. After a short introduction with the participants which included postgraduate students, faculty members and business professionals Dr. Malik explained in detail the pivotal importance of of social justice in Islam both from a theoretical and historical perspective. He further explained through examples from history the interconnection between visible and invisible exchange.

Thereon he shed light on the fact that how this core principle has been at the heart of commerce centers that have developed throughout the history. He then reflected upon the peculiar characteristics of Makkan society that made it distinct from others as well as a successful business centre.

He then explained the way arrival of Holy Prophet s.a.w institutionalized in a way diametrically opposing to what was in vogue before. Alongside, he explained the way Monotheism gave them a new worldview and concept of social justice.

In the last part of his talk, he interlinked these historic facts with contemporary economies and explained in detail the importance of social justice to them. At the end of the talk, a Questions and Answers session was held following which Chairman IKAM, Dr. Lutfi Sunar presented a plaque to guest speaker.