Memorandum Of Understanding Signed Between IKAM And IPS Pakistan

05 November 2017

IKAM has made an important headway by going international this year. Research Centre for Islamic Economics has extending its frontiers outside Turkey while its team has visited different countries in quest of international collaborations, joint projects and collective research, and has successfully signed memorandums of understanding with several like minded organizations and academic institutions.

To achieve this objective of IKAM's internationalization our representative for international affairs, Ahsan Shafiq lately visited Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in Islamabad, Pakistan, on October 25, 2017, a research institute that is working under the auspices of renowned Islamic Economics, Professor Khursheed Ahmad.

This brief visit included a detailed discussion was later held where participants included Ahsan Shafiq from IKAM, Chairman IPS, Dr. Khalid Rehman as well as GM IPS, Naufil Shahrukh from IPS and Dr. Atiquzzafar, Dean III from International Islamic University, Islamabad. Ahsan Shafiq briefed the participants in detail about IKAM’s emergence, its aims, objectives, goals and activities. A gift was presented to Chairman IPS by Ahsan Shafiq on behalf of President IKAM. A draft MoU was agreed for future collaboration between the two think tanks and a possibility of materializing similar cooperation with Islamic University Islamabad was discussed as well.