Islamic Economics In Public Opinion

05 October 2017

Economic crises, poverty and corruption rising from the capitalist economic system which is being applied at a global scale in today's world have driven the Islamic World to search for an alternative economic system based on Islamic teachings. This research also originates from the orders and prohibitions of the Qur'an and Sunnah. The field of Islamic Economics has faced many challenges since its new birth in 1970s and has since tried to give a positive image to the humanity. The troubles in the Islamic world have also influenced the perception of Islam and its probable Economic System both negatively and positively.

In this context, a workshop under the title "Islamic Economics in Public Opinion" will be held on 18th November in cooperation with Research Center for Islamic Economics (İKAM) and Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (İSİFAM). Besides a thoughtful talk and open discussion, a study on the "Media Perception of the Islamic Economics" will also be presented in the workshop. For more details, click