Intellectual Discussion Meetup At IKAM

15 December 2018

An Intellectual Discussion meetup was held at IKAM on December 15, 2018, Saturday. The discussion took place under the theme:
How Should we Study the History of Islamic Economics? As a History of Thought? or As an Intellectual History?

The discussants comprised of known names from Turkish academic, Erol Özvar and Ahmet Faruk Aysan.

The event received rich participation both from students and academicians. Ahmet Faruk Aysan and Erol Özvar expressed their views on the traditional and intellectual aspects of the history of Islamic Economics by highlighting the works of economic thinkers in this regard. The audience has also raised critical question and participated through sharing their opinions.

After the concluding speech by Chairman IKAM, Lutfi Sunar the discussants were awarded with plaques towards the end of the program.