IKAM Visits Participation Banks Association Of Turkey (TKBB)

13 September 2017

Lütfi Sunar, President, Research Center for Islamic Economics (İKAM), Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, İGİAD, Ömer Bedrettin Çiçek and General Secretary, İLKE Kadir Yaman visited Participation Banks Association of Turkey (TKBB). TKBB Secretary General Osman Akyüz and Asst. Assoc. Prof. Aydin Yabanlı hosted this institutional visit and aimed to strengthen the relations between the two institutions.

IKAM, who has played an important role in Islamic economic research in Turkey and has set a goal of enlarging the participation banking sector, has also debated the functioning of Islamic financial institutions in Turkey and its existence in academic circles.

It is important for epresentatives of Islamic financial institutions, that are still in the developing stage, to exchange ideas on the problems and potentials of strong relationships between these institutions.
In the meeting, Ömer Bedrettin Çiçek reinforced Lütfi Sunar's concrete proposals. Osman Akyüz commented that "Islamic finance in Turkey has been through a difficult period for many years; and if you are responding to a real need of today, you will have to work hard to produce results."

In the meeting, the book namely ‘Hz. Muhammed (sav) 'in Ekonomik Edebiyatı’ published by İGİAD, was presented as a gift. The institutional visit ended with the desire to publish books through IKAM’s ‘Iktisat Yayinlari’ and mutual good wishes.