IKAM Publishes Its Fourth Report

01 December 2017

The report published by the Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) has been published in order to share the results of researches done in the field of Islamic economics with the public and contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and to enrich new studies. The report penned down by Abdurrahman Jemal Yesuf views An Overview of Islamic Economics and Finance in Sudan.

IKAM which organizes educations, research, publications and academic activities theorically and empirically, aims at supporting researchers, business world and policymakers with its outputs in terms of knowledge. Thus, IKAM hosts many activities in the field of Islamic Economics to introduce and rise acceptability of the field in public. In this context, IKAM Reports is a serial of publications in an attempt to share the research results in the field of Islamic economics.

In this context, IKAM publishes Research Reports in order to share the results of the researchers made in the field of Islamic economics with the public and to contribute to the field with new knowledge. This report was prepared by Abdurrahman Jemal Yusuf under the title Islamic Economics and Finance in Sudan: An Overview.

This report examines the development of Islamic economics and finance in Sudan. It provides its analysis within the context in which Islamic economics and finance have emerged and describes how Islamic finance has developed as an institution, in terms of education, applications, and institutions in the regional and global financial markets. This study includes multiple market players such as banks, takaful companies, and microfinance institutions under the governance of the Central Bank of Sudan (CBoS) and the Insurance Supervisory Authority (ISA). The report, therefore, gives information about Islamic Banking, Takaful, and Stock Market. It also provides a highlight on the role and current status of Islamic microfinance institutions in socioec- onomic developments.

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