IKAM Publishes Its First Report

16 June 2017

The report published by the Islamic Economics Research Center (IKAM) has been published in order to share the results of researches done in the field of Islamic economics with the public and contribute to the accumulation of knowledge and to enrich new studies. The report penned down by Zeyneb Hafsa Orhanviews the Islamic Economics and Finance Graduate Programs Curriculum in Turkey and develops evaluations and suggestions in this regard.

Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM), which is established within ILKE Association for Science, Culture and Education in 2016, publishes Research Reports in order to share the results of the researches made in the field of Islamic economics with the public and to contribute to the field with new knowledge. This report was prepared by Zeyneb Hafsa Orhan on Islamic Economics and Finance Graduate Programs’ Curriculum in Turkey.

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The main objective of this report is to examine and compare the existing curricula of graduate programs in the field of Islamic economics and finance in Turkey, the likes of which emerged in foreign countries long ago, and to identify their deficiencies and offer solutions. Related documents and information collected from three universities providing education in this field (İstanbul University, İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and Sakarya University) are used as the foundation in line with this purpose. In the light of available data, a quantitative technique through tables and graphics is utilized and descriptive results are provided. Subsequently, by means of these descriptive results, comparison and critical analysis methods are used. Lastly, the final results of the report are presented.