7th Islamic Economics Workshop Held

07 April 2019

Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM) in collaboration with Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) and, Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (IGIAD) organized 7th Islamic Economics Workshop, which was hosted by Marmara University, Faculty of Theology from 5 to 7 April, 2019. The theme of this year’s workshop was “Monetary Issues in Islamic Economics.” In the opening session of the workshop on Friday April 5, 2019, Islamic Economics Awards were also presented following the inaugural speeches and a panel discussion. Within the framework of the workshop’s theme, papers were presented, and evaluations and discussions were made for three consecutive days and the council gathered under the auspices of IKAM presented various thoughts with a broad understanding over several key points. The need for devising pragmatic policies towards achieving an Islamic monetary system was accentuated.

Within the framework of the topic, papers were presented, and evaluations and discussions were made for three consecutive days and the economists gathered under the auspices of IKAM reasserted the pertinence of solving monetary issues in Islamic Economics.

Besides prominent names from Turkey, top academicians from 7 different countries contributed to the discussions and debates. The workshop started with an inaugural panel discussion on the first day, Friday April 5, 2019. Panel Discussion was held under the theme "Issue in Monetary Economics" at the Marmara University, Prof. Dr. Rasit Kucuk Conference Hall.

The sessions follwoing the inaugural day were held at Prof. Dr. Erol Ozvar Hall. In the 7th Islamic Economy Workshop which was spread over three days two panel and five workshop sessions were held.

The works from previous five workshops have been published under 6 separate titles. Following this tradition we look forward to publishing the works presented at the 7th Islamic economics workshop shortly.

IKAM once again received the honour of providing a platform in form of 7th Islamic Economics workshop where experienced voices from the world gathered in order to argue, debate and elucidate issues related to monetary conundrum in Islamic Economics and to set a unanimous future course of direction. Though different, rather diametrically opposing thoughts were put across the table about some issues, with the grace of Allah consensus was reached over various others. It is hoped that IKAM’s endeavour in shape of IEW 7 assuredly will enlighten minds and set appropriate directions for future research in Islamic Economics as well as in devising pragmatic policies in order to counter the evils of contemporary financial and monetary systems.